Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's All About Patient Transportation

Residents of the West Coast of Florida know ACC Medlinks as the best provider of Florida medical transportation. These folks regularly rely on the Air Critical Care family of services for non emergency medical transportation when they need to visit medical facilities around Florida. But this is just one of the many medical transport services that this company has to offer.

Long Distance Travel

For people in other parts of the country, Air Critical Care provides a transportation lifeline that patients can depend on. For very sick or critically injured patients, who cannot travel via conventional means, Air Critical Care provides Air Ambulance services to get these folks across the country or the world to reach far away medical facilities quickly, and under the supervision of trained medical professionals.

If a patient is stable enough to ride sitting up in a commercial airplane, but still not able to travel without medical care, Air Critical Care provides a commercial medical escort service that allows you to travel with a medical professional by your side for the duration of your traveling. That means that patients can schedule their own travel with a commercial airline, but still have top quality medical monitoring and care from the staff at Air Critical Care.

As you can see Air Critical Care is the obvious choice for the best in  medical patient transportation services.
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