Monday, August 1, 2011

Professional Medical Traveling Assistance

If you're ever faced with the stark reality of having to travel great distances while you are ill, or if you have a family member facing those kinds of circumstances, your thoughts will immediately turn to finding a medical transport business to get you where you need to be.

Medical transport services can be as simple as a local, non emergency patient transport or as serious as a transplant victim having to fly halfway around the world to get an immediate surgical procedure performed. Somewhere between the two, you might need a medical escort to travel from one location to another.

Where to Find Qualified Medical Escorts              

Unfortunately, you won't find most hospitals staffed with the personnel needed to act as medical escorts. If you do find that you need a medical escort, you can find the best professionals for the job when you work with Air Critical Care. They are the world leaders in providing medical transportation services, and their commercial medical escorts are among the best trained and prepared in the world.

Who Can Use These Services?

Traveling with a medical professional as an escort isn't for every patient. In order to qualify for these services a patient must be cleared by their physician to travel via a commercial flight. The patient must also be stable and have the ability to fly in a seated position. The professional medical escorts from Air Critical Care will ride along with the patient to provide medical monitoring and services as they are needed.

They'll also make sure that the patient gets to their medical facility destination by way of their “Bedside to Bedside” approach that takes the patient from Point A to Point B with professional medical care by their side for the entire trip.

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